Jealousy (Knife Pony Remix)

by Feather



My remix of Jealousy by Feather! This is on Bandcamp due to Feather's financial needs, and since she won't put this on her Bandcamp because doesn't want to make money off of this remix, I'll send her anything you guys pay! Of course, if you don't want to pay anything, that's fine; but try to chip in something.


You've got me all figured out
I'm just wasting my time, aren't I?
You've got so much I don't now
I can die right here, can't I?

Because you've taken it all before
Every single time
And I can't take this anymore
I want what is mine
Tonight (x3)

Red blood stains on your crown now
End you, shall I, or shan't I?
I won't kneel, no I won't bow
I can rule right here, can't I?

Because I've taken it all from you
For the first time
I'm not who you thought you knew
I'll take what is mine
Tonight (x3)


released November 24, 2013
Producer: Paul Green
Mixed and Mastered by: Paul Green
Written by: Feather and Paul Green



all rights reserved